Arantxa & Kepa Ellauri owners and managers Ellauri Hotel, Kiloterdi Txokoa Ellauri

 Randa and Kepa Ellauri.

After having known different cities we have had the fortune of choosing this wonderful natural environment of Ellauri to live and work in this project of attending people who come to know and enjoy the wonders hiden in the Basque Country.

We help the clients to schedule their visits and activities in Ellauri: Explore what is behind the breathtaking landscapes that can be seen from our bedrooms: Otzarreta Beech Forest, Saldropo Wetland, the mythical meadows of Arimekorta, activities like hiking, cycling, birdwatching, the small towns scattered in the valleys, visiting the coast and beaches, or even, a more urban kind of tourism, visiting Bilbao, Vitoria-Gasteiz, San Sebastian, Pamplona, ​​the Guggenheim Museum, etc ...

We really enjoy our work, and our biggest satisfaction is when those who come as customers, are friends when they say goodbye ...

Wellcome to Ellauri.

Randa & Kepa




My main task to Ellauri is to offer the service of the ritual to sleep.

The Hotel Ellauri, located in an environment of nature and silence is an ideal place for relaxation and rest.

That is why the treatment of the Ritual to Sleep by Tranquility Comfort Zone is especially effective, and with an excellent level of satisfaction, for the guests of the Ellauri Hotel.

Welcome to Ellauri.

Simone de Sabadac en Hotel Ellauri


I collaborate with Randa and Kepa so that the stay of our guests in Ellauri Hotel is completely satisfying: the welcome with a smile, the attention in the cafeteria and restaurant, supervision of the rooms and facilities are part of my responsibilities.

My commitment to customer satisfaction and the well done work, and my youth, are my main contributions in Ellauri.

Welcome to Ellauri Hotel.