Kiloterdi: The Restaurant in the Gorbeia Nature Reserve.

Kepa Ellauri

In this exceptional surroundings of the Gorbeia Natural Park, there is a deep traditional culinary culture based on the natural raw materials produced by the land and the sea. Ellauri Hotel develops the idea of the Restaurant Kiloterdi Ellauri in this radical traditional sense:

-The meats and fishes: the ribeye, the baked lamb, the traditional stews, the hake, the cod ...

-The products of the garden from Ellauri Baserria: leeks, peppers, tomatoes, vegetables, beans, etc.

-Products from the Gorbeialdea: blood sausage, chorizo, cheese from Gorbeia, bread, talo, etc.

- Desserts in which materials such as apple, walnuts, sheep's milk, eggs from the corral, etc. prevail.

-The cellar, where you can not miss the txakolin: the basque white wine, the basque cider, the Rioja wines, the Navarrese rosés, ...

I encourage you to reserve a table to taste our vision of Basque Gastronomy.

Kepa Ellauri