hotel ellauri naturaleza niebla y bosques desde la puerta

SUMMER 2018, 10% Discount


SUMMER 2018, 10% Discount, Early Booking.

Breakfast included
Double Room, 2 people
Minimum stay 3 nights.

Confirmed reservation,
Advance payment, non-refundable.
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A step to the sky

A guided visit to the Natural Reserve of Gorbeia: Arimekorta, Aldamiñape, with Peru Perez de Anuzita. More information in Dunba

The visit includes:

Hiking in the Natural Reserve of Gorbeia

Archaeological value areas: Dolmen of Arimekorta.

Sheep herding areas: Aldamiñape huts..

2 nights in a double room breakfasts included.

Visit is guaranteed from a minimum of 2 people.

Price for 2 people: 385€

call to ph +34 686 077 796, or mail to, or

book online in this site.

Always refer to code 'guided2017'


Ritual to sleep, rest and relax

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We launch our new service of this 'Riutal to sleep' in January 2018 with this promotion that includes:

-Accommodation and breakfast for two people.

-Sleep Ritual Session.

The price per person is € 149.90.

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Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy, together with the stay in our hotel in the heart of the Gorbeia Nature Reserve, an innovative massage that acts on the three senses of: smelling, touching and hearing, for a deep relaxation. A unique formula of essential oils, the magic of a soothing sound environment, the use of soft brushes guide us to the achievement of tranquility and peace of mind and to a body state conducive to sleep.

BENEFITS: A pleasant sensation of relaxation for rest and sleep.

RECOMMENDED FOR: recovery in a stress situation accompanied by sleep problems. Also after long trips and problems created by changes in time routines.

We also put at your disposal:

An associated product line,

Associated therapies of mindfulness,

The practice of relaxing and Tai Chi

The forest bath (shinrin) of Ellauri.