Masage con pinceles, Ritual del Sueño, Tranquillity, Hotel Ellauri

Ritual to sleep, rest and relax

We offer the opportunity to enjoy this ritual to sleep in your visit to our hotel in the Nature Reserve of Gorbeia.

It is an innovative massage that acts on the senses of smell, touch and hearing in order to achieve a deep relaxation. A unique formula of essential oils, the magic of a relaxing acoustic environment, the use of specially soft brushes guide us to the achievement of tranquility and peace of mind and to a body state conducive to sleep.

BENEFITS: A pleasant sensation of relaxation for rest and sleep.

RECOMMENDED FOR: recovery in a stress situation accompanied by sleeping problems. Also after long trips and problems created by changes in time routines.

We also offer an associated product line, and information in order to continue by yourself the treatment at home.

PRICE: 80.00€/Pers.

The ritual can be acompanied with mindfullness therapies, the practice of Taichi, and annother relaxing activities in the nature of Ellauri and Gorbeia Natural Park, such as forest bathing or shinrin yoku, or simply walking through the nature trails breathing the fresh air in Ellauri


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