Pimientos de Gernika en Kiloterdi Ellauri

Dishes available daily in Kiloterdi Ellauri


Garden tomato salad with white tuna fish in olive oil from the Bay of Biskay 16,00€

Avocado salad with fresh buffalo cheese. 18.00€

Cod fish Brandada with parsley flavor on toast. 14.00€

Gorbeia mushroom scrumbled with ground eggs. 18.00€

Acorn-fed Iberian ham. 19.00€

Grilled Huleva prawns (12 units). 21.00€


Hake from Ondarroa, grilled tacos with seasonal vegetables. 19.00€

Seabass piece Orio style with garlic in olive oil. 16.00€


Grilled Beef steak (entrecot) with piquillo peppers. 19.00€

Old Cow Ribeye (kilo and a half approximate cut). 49€/kilo

Latxa lamb from Gorbeia, simmered, quarter of lamb for two people

(Reservation in advance is needed). 64,00€


Sheep milk curd from Gorbeia Latxa sheep, with honey. 6,00€

Apple and walnuts crumble from Ellauri, with ice cream. 8,00€

Idiazabal sheepherd cheese from Gorbeia, with apple sweet. 12,00€

Traditional milk rice. 6,00€

10% VAT, included


kiloterdi ellauri hotel, gorbeia
ensalada aguacate y mozarella kiloterdi ellauri hotel