Kiloterdi: Healthy Cooking in the Gorbeia Natural Reserve

Because eating well is health

In the exceptional nature of the Natural Park of Gorbeia, with its own products and the region, Kepa Ellauri develops in Kiloterdi his vision of healthy cooking in which health is linked to food, and in which the Basque gastronomic tradition has a great Weight with:

-The products of the garden of Ellauri: leeks, peppers, tomatoes, vegetables, beans, etc. as well as many of the condiments we use such as parsley, rosemary, onion, chilli peppers, etc.

-The traditional meats and fish: hake, grilled steak, baked lamb ...

-Desserts in which materials such as apples, nuts, sheep's milk, poultry eggs prevail ...

All the dishes we offer are made in our kitchen. This allows us to meet with guarantees all the requirements regarding the non-presence of allergens, vegan cuisine, vegetarian cuisine, etc. that are requested.

I encourage you to book a table to taste our vision of healthy cuisine linked to the Basque Gastronomy.

Kepa Ellauri​

ugabe txakolina, txakoli ugabe, kiloterdi ellauri hotelarroz caldoso con langostinos y verduras, kiloterdi ellauriHongos, boletus edulis de Gorbeia, kiloterdi ellauri
Hongos, boletus edulis de Gorbeia, kiloterdi ellauriGarbanzos con bacalao y hongos, kiloterdi ellauriBacalao en su salsa en Kiloterdi Ellauri