Ellauri Hotel – Landscape Spa Hotel

Hotel Ellauri - Landscape Spa Hotel - Adults Only

Ellauri Hotel – Landscape Spa Hotel


Welcome to the new Ellauri Hotel blog

We want to give you the warmest welcome to our brand new blog and of course, to Ellauri Hotel.

A new hotel concept only for adults, in which we have created for you a place where you can enjoy the most absolute disconnection.

A pleasure for all your senses in full contact with nature, also located in an unbeatable location.

Today we would like you to know about us a little bit more. Show you our hotel, cataloged as Landscape spa hotel and show you why our situation, in the heart of the Basque Country, is considered by our guests as one of the best in the entire northern peninsular area.



An extraordinary location, the best of Ellauri Hotel

One of the things that makes us feel proud of our hotel is its location. And not only because it is placed in one of the most beautiful protected areas of the Basque Country (The Gorbeia Natural Reserve), but also, because it is very linked to our ancestors.

The Hotel Ellauri is located on a hill that bears the same name.

Last name of our ancestors and name given to families during the XVI century, when the church began to register baptisms.

At that time, the name of the hamlet was given as a surname to those born there. So our family has been in these ancestral lands since that time At least!


A very unique story

In fact, the surname Ellauri is not very common in the Basque Country.

However, when we started advertising Ellauri Hotel after its opening in 2009, many people contacted us to ask us about the origin of the hotel’s name.

People who came from cities as remote as Seville, or countries like Uruguay, that shared the surname Ellauri.

Emigrants from Bilbao who rose a family in those lands and three generations later, we had the pleasure of having them as hotel guests.


The Gorbeia Nature Reserve

The Ellauri Hotel is located inside the Gorbeia Natural Reserve.

A protected area composed of very different landscapes where beech forests and oak woods predominate, infinite landscapes of soft pastures where you lose sight, waterfalls and trails.

It is considered one of the reference areas for Basque mountaineering, where activities related to nature such as hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking …

Just 30 min away from the main cities of the Basque Country, Bilbao and Vitoria – Gasteiz, the Hotel Ellauri is located in a dream place, where our guests can enjoy a unique environment and wake up with stunning views.



A hotel for adults only. Landscape spa hotel

Ellauri Hotel opened in 2009 and on its tenth anniversary, we have refurbished it to become what we have called Landscape spa hotel.

We have came up with a space designed for adult travelers who wish to get away and relax in a very cozy atmosphere, with comfortable rooms, Nordic wooden ceilings and king-size beds in their suites or superior rooms, for maximum rest and comfort.

In addition, this year we have opened our outdoor SPA, unique in the area and that allows our guests to enjoy a privileged form of full relaxation and wellbeing experience under Gorbeia sky.



A hotel designed to enjoy with all senses

We wanted that all senses are present in our hotel.


Relax in our outdoor SPA

A unique experience under the sky of Gorbeia. It does not matter if it’s sunny, it rains … or even snows, you can enjoy a refreshing bath in our outdoor Jacuzzi or enjoy our sauna.


Enjoy a relaxing massage

We have an extensive massage menu so you can complete your experience in the hands of our experienced masseuse.

You can consult the available massages here.


Rest as you did not do it for a long time

Comfortable and cozy rooms to provide a restful sleep. Wake up with the best views of Gorbeia valley.


Taste our gastronomy

Enjoy the flavors of our land at Kiloterdi Restaurant. Dishes made daily, with natural products collected in our own garden or the best raw materials from local suppliers in the area. Ingredients always fresh and natural for a kitchen with its own tradition.

You can also enjoy a dinner in our restaurant even if you are not staying at the hotel reserving your table with us.



We expect to have you at Ellauri Hotel

We hope you enjoyed this tour through our hotel.

Connect to our social media or visit the blog to stay up-to-date with the news from Ellauri Hotel, and of course Welcome to Ellauri Hotela! </ B>

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