About Ellauri Hotela

“I decided to create this hotel because I wanted to prove to myself and to others that we could live off the resources that our land gives us.”
Kepa Ellauri

Welcome to Ellauri Hotel

Hello! My name is Kepa Ellauri, and together with my wife, Randa, we are the owners of Ellauri Hotel. An exclusive 9-room hotel located in a privileged environment, the Gorbeia Natural Park, in the heart of the Basque Country.

My personal story is completely linked to the history of this hotel

Born and grew up in Ellauri, surrounded by the beautiful natural landscapes and the magical forests in the Natural Reserve of Gorbeia.


More exactely, in a country house or ‘baserri’ placed now just on the hill behind the hotel, and which gave the name ‘Ellauri’ to the place and, also, to our family.

The place of childhood dreams, Ellauri.

Although circumstances kept me away for longer than I would have liked…

In 2003 I decided to leave my position at a large technology company to commit to a more sustainable way of life in the place I missed from my childhood.


Attracted by the enormous cultural, historical and natural value and inspired by the tourist attraction that this unique environment offers, I decided with my wife to give life to the Ellauri Hotel, on the family lands.

In 2009, our dream comes true

In July 2009 Ellauri Hotel opens its doors.


A charming rural hotel located in the middle of nature that respects the environment, without sacrificing exclusivity through modern facilities. The perfect destination to disconnect and forget about your routine for some days.


We could not give another name than Ellauri Hotel, where Randa and I are the hosts, taking care of every detail with delicacy so that our clients always feel at home.

A hotel imbued by history

If you have walked through our home, you have probably read that Ellauri Hotel is a special hotel, a hotel with history.


Our hotel was built on the foundations of a medieval tower discovered in the place and dated between XI and XIV centuries.


When we had to design the architecture of the new hotel and facilities, we decided to respect these remains by incorporating them into the main tower.

In the tower the most exclusive suites were arranged.

The privileged place from which you can admire the beautiful Gorbeia mounting and valleys; converted today into comfortable and modern rooms for the enjoyment of our visitors.


Adult travelers who seek to disconnect, in a unique natural setting, without giving up comfort and exclusivity.


A relaxing atmosphere that will surround you from the first minute.

Enjoy with all the senses

We offer you our restaurant service “Kiloterdi Ellauri” where you can enjoy delicious breakfasts and dinners prepared by us.


Traditional Basque cuisine based on natural products from local producers and our own garden.


This year we also have opened our new outdoor SPA, a luxury for the senses, where you can relax in our sauna or take a bath under the sky, overlooking Gorbeia.


“Enjoy a complete experience for all your senses”.