Shinrin-yoku, the therapy of bathing among the trees

Descubre el Shinrin-yoku, la terapia forestal japonesa que consiste en bañarse entre los árboles

Shinrin-yoku, the therapy of bathing among the trees


We have always enjoyed walking the forests and nature trails that are around Hotel Ellauri.


Shinrin-yoku, the therapy of bathing among the trees, into the forest


We are located in a privileged location, in the heart of the Natural Reserve of Gorbeia, surrounded by spectacular landscapes and protected natural spaces.

The landscape quality of the area, with forests of beech, oak, trails and waterfalls, make it a privilege for our visitors, who usually enjoy outdoor activities related to nature.

Today we would like to tell you about an activity that we have been promoting for years, from Hotel Ellauri, freely or guided by us.

This is the “Shinrin-yoku, or forest bath”, a Japanese meditation technique that provides great benefits for everyone who practices it.



What is the “Shinrin-yoku” or tree bath?

A “tree bath” is a walk around a natural environment, paying attention to colors, sounds of the wind or birds, the smell of the plants or sensations the forest transmits …

In short, it is about getting in touch with nature in a full and conscious way.

This ancient technique has its origin in Japan, although there are more and more adepts to this type of therapeutic meditation, which is practiced in different parts of the world.

These “therapy sessions in the forest” can be done individually or guided.

Many are the scientifically proven benefits of the forest baths for our health, among others:

  • Lowering of blood pressure.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Reduction of stress.
  • Heart attack prevention…



Técnica japonesa Shinrin-yoku
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Where does the technique of Shinrin-yoku or baths in the forest come from?

The expression “Shinrin-yoku” was coined in 1982 by the government of Japan, where bathing of trees is a practice recommended by the sanitary authorities.

Inspired by an old man and practitioner of Buddhism called Shinto, this millenary technique consists in letting nature envelop us “through the five senses”.

In this current society in which we live, marked by the stress derived from the accelerated pace of life, this technique invites us to connect with nature and its forests, to regain peace and inner balance.



How do you take a tree bath?

Anyone can benefit from tree bathing, but perhaps take special relevance for those who are under stress, anxiety, crisis …

The ideal is to do it with a guide, at least the first time. And although there is no single way to carry out this therapy, it is advisable to follow a series of previous recommendations :


Choosing the forest

The choice of forest is something completely personal. Some people prefer old-growth forests, whose trees have a certain age.

The truth is that it is not strictly necessary.

It is enough that the environment is calm, the land does not present great difficulties and that it offers, as far as possible, different environments: waterfalls, humid areas or a diversity of landscapes.

Short routes, no longer than 2 km and not very walked through are more suitable.


Diminish the senses

Intuition will guide the steps. We must walk in silence and the guide will invite us to awaken our senses, observing the different sensations.


Tea ceremony

After one or two kilometers in the forest, sometimes the guide performs a brief ceremony, where participants enjoy a tea that may contain plants collected during the journey.

This ceremony serves to share experiences and be able to open up to others explaining feelings or sensations.



Beneficios del Shinrin-yoku - Experiencias Hotel Ellauri

What benefits does bathing in the forest have for our health?

Although we have already mentioned some of the benefits that forest baths can bring, we are going to tell you a little more in depth what advantages this forest therapy has for our health.


Psychological benefits

Related, above all, with the decrease of negative emotions.

When we take a walk through the forest, we must leave behind the distractors that stress us every day: mobile, noise … to focus on the present moment.

The levels of anxiety decrease and the sensation of tranquility increases.


Lower blood pressure

Walking between nature in a relaxed and calm way makes us automatically relax and experience a sense of well-being almost immediately.

There is a drop in blood pressure and an improvement in cardiovascular health.


Strengthening the immune system

The compounds that are released from plants and trees and the oxygenation of our lungs with “pure air” strengthen the immune system, preventing diseases.

People who live in clean environments, far from contamination, tend to be healthier.


Relief of sleep disorders

After a forest therapy, it has been proven that there is usually a significant improvement in those who suffer from sleep disorders.

If the tree baths are carried out towards dusk, the improvement of sleep in those who suffer from insomnia problems increases remarkably.


Our forests are ideal for forest bathing

In the Natural Reserve of Gorbeia, we have a privileged environment for bathing in the forest.

We are faithful defenders of this technique of relaxation and full awareness and that is why we invite our guests to do it, giving detailed information of the ideal trails walking from the hotel itself.

So you know, if you ever stay at Ellauri Hotel and would like to know in depth this technique, book with us your session “Shinrin-yoku” or bath in the forest, we will be happy to be your guides in this wonderful experience!






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