We reopen the doors of Ellauri. And we want to welcome you

Hotel Ellauri - Landscape Spa Hotel - Adults Only

We reopen the doors of Ellauri. And we want to welcome you


If you are in the province of Bizkaia, you no longer have excuses.

During these months, we have all experienced one of the most complex situations in our recent history. A period of forced hibernation, which has left us locked in our houses for almost two months.

But the effort has been worth it.

We are beginning to get out of this nightmare and although we must still be cautious, we can already move around the province and we begin to feel that we are recovering part of our freedom.

At Hotel Ellauri we have been preparing ourselves thoroughly to welcome you again with all the guarantees.

It is time to enjoy the little things again.

Come to enjoy with us.



Técnica japonesa Shinrin-yoku


Re-value our land and culture

Because if this situation has taught us anything, it is to value even more all the wealth that we have so close and that sometimes we go unnoticed.

We are privileged to belong to the Basque Country, one of the most naturally beautiful autonomous communities in all of Spain. A green lung that allows us to breathe, away from the crowds of large cities and towns.

Today more than ever, being able to escape from the city and breathe the purest air, in full contact with nature and without crowds of people, is something that is priceless.

Our Ellauri Hotel is located in the heart ofthe Gorbeia Nature Reserve, a natural environment whose landscape quality makes it a unique place.

Just 30 minutes from Bilbao you can enjoy a break without the risk and insecurity that large crowds generate today, in full contact with nature.



Hotel Ellauri - Landscape Spa Hotel - Vistas


Enjoy a weekend with your partner

Our hotel offers you all the advantages to enjoy a weekend of disconnection with your partner.

During these months, we have adapted our hotel to comply with all health and safety protocols.

The fact that it is a 9-room boutique hotel, in a very spacious and uncrowded natural environment, makes it a very safe place.

As a novelty, we have incorporated contactless check in which will allow our clients to obtain the room key without contact, accessing the room directly without having to go through reception.

The roads to the hotel are not very crowded and we also have private parking, so you can easily reach us in your private vehicle.

As you can see, we have not skimped on details to make your stay as comfortable and comfortable as possible, forgetting for a few days the stress and crowds of the city.

Enjoy a weekend of relaxation and comfort in our suites, where you will wake up with the best views of the Nature Reserve and the Gorbeia Valley.



Descubre el Shinrin-yoku, la terapia forestal japonesa que consiste en bañarse entre los árboles


Reencounter with nature

What would the Basque Country be without its forests, without the singular beauty of its landscapes and natural parks, without the glare of the sun and the stamp of animals grazing in its valleys.


Gorbeia Nature Reserve

Gorbeia Natural Park and its surroundings are part of a Nature Reserve whose variety of landscapes is made up of soft valleys and pastures, beech and oak forests and mountains of rugged rocks.

The landscape quality and the great cultural and emotional significance that this area has for the Basque people have made it a “key” place, where numerous activities take place: hiking, mountaineering, popular festivals, horse or bicycle routes …

An ideal place to oxygenate the body and mind, to practice outdoor sports or relax for a few days in a privileged environment, in full contact with nature.

We are very lucky to live in one of the most beautiful natural environments in the entire region, and this is the perfect time to enjoy them again.



Hotel Ellauri - Landscape Spa Hotel - SPA


Enjoy with us again

From Hotel Ellauri, we are looking forward to receiving you so that you can enjoy the little pleasures of life with us again.

These months have served us to be aware, even more, of the great privilege and luck that we have. That life is small moments and that we must take advantage of and value each one of them.

If you are in the province of Bizkaia and you want to spend a different weekend, away from the crowds and in a unique natural environment, we are waiting for you.

We have prepared ourselves thoroughly during these months to make our hotel a quiet and very safe place, because we know that it is important to you.

It’s time to enjoy the little things again! Welcome back to life.

Welcome to Ellauri Hotela.





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