We welcome autumn in Ellauri Hotela

Damos la bienvenida al otoño en Ellauri Hotela

We welcome autumn in Ellauri Hotela

Autumn. The season of renewal.

Fresh air along with changes of light, warn us that a new station is approaching. We welcome one of the most special times of the year, autumn.

Autumn equinox will take place on September 23rd and at Ellauri Hotela we want to celebrate it with you.



Otoño en Ellauri Hotela - Euskadi

Otzarreta. Foto de Dabid vía Flickr

Autumn, one of the most special seasons in the Basque Country


Autumn is the season par excellence for the forests of Euskadi, whose mantle of colors extends through the treetops transforming a landscape of indescribable beauty.

A unique moment to glimpse this spectacle of nature and enjoy the colors, haze and autumn light outdoors.

We are very lucky that our hotel is located in one of the most special environments of the Basque Country, the Gorbeia Nature Reserve.

This makes it a very special place, where our guests have the opportunity to enter our forests, disconnecting from the stress of the city to enjoy a landscape as unique as it is changing.



Beneficios del Shinrin-yoku - Experiencias Hotel Ellauri


Inspiring experiences


Discover the variety of experiences designed to nourish, inspire and renew your spirit. Activities designed to enjoy with each of the senses.

The beauty and majesty of our forests invite to be explored by travelers who want to experience new sensations or connect in a genuine way with nature.

These are some of the experiences you can enjoy especially at this time of year.


Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing

Shinrin – yoku or forest bathing, is a meditation technique of Japanese origin that consists of walking among the trees, paying full attention to each of the colors, smells and sensations that the forest transmits to us.

It has been shown that these types of activities bring enormous benefits to everyone who practices them, inviting us to connect with nature, recover our peace and inner balance.

If you want to know more about Shinrin – yoku, here is the link to our post.


Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a practice from Nordic cross-country skiers. This sport is practiced with support sticks, hence its name «Nordic walking» due to its similarity with this sport.

The Nordic walking consists of walking with canes specially designed for the development of this activity, with the aim of optimizing the physical effort made by our body when walking.

Nordic walking brings multiple benefits such as: strengthening the entire body, oxygenation, relaxation or improvement of strength and coordination.


Guided visit to the Gorbeia nature reserve

Visiting the beech of Otzarreta or strolling through the natural reserve of Gorbeia seems like something essential, especially in autumn.

Therefore, from the Ellauri Hotel, we always recommend our guests to make, at least, a guided tour of the region.

It will be the hotel hosts themselves who discover you first hand part of the treasures that the Basque Country hides. Because the best way to know a place is always from the hand of its people.


Guided tour to txakolí winery

A guided tour through a family farm where the winery owners themselves will transmit their passion for one of the most emblematic wines of our land, the Txacolí.

A cultural and gastronomic experience where you can enjoy a tasting of wine and gastronomy typical of the Basque Country.


Other experiences

Depending on the time of the year, we usually offer our clients different experiences.

We are lucky to be located in a privileged place, which allows us to offer different activities during almost the whole year.

In addition to the proposed activities, from the Ellauri Hotel we promote to our clients a wide range of experiences always related to nature and the environment, such as:

  • Bicycle rental
  • Tai – chi or meditation
  • Spiritual retirement
  • Massages…


Find out about all the experiences and how to make your reservation on our website.



Otoño en Euskadi


Renew yourself with us


Come and share one of the most special times with us.

We invite you to spend a few days of disconnection in the middle of nature in one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.

We will be glad to meet you at our hotel and advise you on any of our activities, and even accompany you if you wish.

Let’s welcome autumn together!





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