Hydrotherapy. Discover the multiple benefits of the Spa

Tres planes románticos para disfrutar en pareja

Hydrotherapy. Discover the multiple benefits of the Spa



Full relaxation for your body and mind

Since their origins associated mainly with the ancient Roman baths, Spas have become part of our life as something linked to physical and mental well-being.

Many historians associate the term with the Belgian town of Spa, very famous in Roman times for its hot springs.

Although there are also those who affirm that this place name comes from a famous hot spring center located in the Liege region (Belgium), a region very popular with the families of the high aristocracy of the early 20th century.

Whatever its origin, it is clear that Spas have now become a very important part of the health and wellness industry.

And it is that the multiple benefits that hydrotherapy has shown both for the body and for the mind, are what have led to turning the Spas into a formula of success.

Today we want to talk to you about the main benefits of hydrotherapy, where we are going to focus primarily on the benefits associated with the Jacuzzi and the Sauna.



Hotel Ellauri - Hidroterapia - Landscape SPA hotel


Main benefits of hydrotherapy

When we think of a Spa, the sound of water, a relaxed atmosphere, stress release and disconnection from the daily routine comes to mind.

These are some of the main reasons why our clients visit our Outdoor Spa. Being able to disconnect, relax and enjoy a weekend trip become the perfect plan to release stress and tensions from day to day.


Among the main benefits of hydrotherapy are


Physical benefits


  • Muscle relaxation and relief of muscle aches, lumbar or contractures
  • Anti-inflammatory and sedative effect
  • Activation of blood circulation
  • Improvement of the respiratory tract, thanks to expectorant vapors
  • Elimination of toxins through sweat and pore opening
  • Beter hydration and softness in the skin
  • Headache Relief
  • Immune system stimulation…


Mental benefits


  • Mental and body relaxation
  • Fights nervous states and anxiety
  • Stress reduction
  • Insomnia prevention and sleep improvement



Hotel Ellauri - Sauna seca - Landscape SPA hotel


Ellauri’s only outdoor Spa

Our Outdoor Spa is one of the main attractions of the Ellauri Hotel, and our guests confirm it again and again.

Be located in the middle of a Nature Reserve (The Natural Park of Gorbeia) with stunning views and in the countryside, makes our outdoor Spa something unique in the Basque Country.

A Spa for exclusive use for our clients, where you can enjoy a relaxing bath in the jacuzzi in the privacy of the sun, regardless of whether it’s sunny, rainy or snowy Our outdoor Spa is composed of a Jacuzzi with capacity for two people and a dry sauna.




Among the main benefits of the Jacuzzi are the elimination of toxins, since the water jets will leave your skin much smoother and purified, elimination of stress and improvement of insomnia, elimination of muscle aches and improvement of blood circulation


Some tips for using the Jacuzzi


  • Remember to use the shower before entering the Jacuzzi
  • In the case of pregnant women or people with cardiovascular problems, consult the doctor beforehand if its use is convenient
  • The bath in the Jacuzzi should not exceed 15-20 minutes


Dry sauna


Among the main benefits of the Dry Sauna are the elimination of toxins thanks to the sweat and opening of the pores of the skin, relief of rheumatic pain, low blood pressure, improvement of lung diseases, cellulite improvement and stress reduction thanks to its relaxing qualities.


Some tips for using the Dry Sauna


  • Do not enter the sauna directly after intense physical exercise
  • It is advisable to eat something sweet before entering to balance glucose levels
  • Take a shower and dry properly before entering the sauna
  • It is advisable to sit at an intermediate or higher level, where the temperature is less high
  • The time inside a sauna should not exceed more than 10 – 15 minutes



Hotel Ellauri - Masaje - Landscape SPA hotel


Complete your experience with a massage

Relaxing massages are the perfect complement to end a day of Spa.

In our hotel, we offer our guests a wide massage menu, where you can complete your experience with one of our personalized massages.

If you with your partner, we propose the combination of Spa + relaxing massage of 40 minutes outside, the perfect massage for two with the best views!



Hotel Ellauri - Hidroterapia - Landscape SPA hotel


Spa Ellauri Experience

A unique feeling of relaxation and well-being in full connection with nature.

Come and enjoy with us this experience in one of the most beautiful protected natural areas of the Basque Country, the Gorbeia Natural Park.

More information and bookings here.





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