Kiloterdi Ellauri restaurant. Discover traditional Basque cuisine

Restaurante Kiloterdi Ellauri. Descubre la cocina tradicional vasca

Kiloterdi Ellauri restaurant. Discover traditional Basque cuisine



«Did you know that the cuisine of the Basque Country is considered one of the best in the world?»

Many are the travelers who decide to come to the Basque Country among other things, for its gastronomy, based on the quality of its products and constant innovation.

Cuisine with a lot of tradition, where old customs and local products are mixed with the most avant-garde cuisine.

Today we invite you to take a walk through the best of Basque cuisine and meet our restaurant, Kiloterdi Ellauri.

We hope you enjoy it!



Restaurante Kiloterdi - Ellauri Hotela - Huerto


Basque traditional cuisine


Everyone who visits us affirms that, whether in a pintxos bar, grill or restaurant, in the Basque Country, you will enjoy the meals.

Premium raw material and products from the earth, such as beans or fresh vegetables … good dairy products and derivatives, such as cheese or curd.

Of course, we cannot forget fish or meat, the great protagonist in traditional Basque cuisine.

All this accompanied by a young wine with a fruity flavor, a wine with its own personality and that must always be drunk very cold, Txacolí wine.

Can we ask for more?



The Gastronomic Societies

We cannot talk about gastronomy in the Basque Country without naming the Gastronomic Societies.

The Gastronomic Societies emerged in the middle of the industrial revolution, when Donostia workers met in the cider houses and taverns after their intense workday.

These places soon became the usual meeting place, where good food became the perfect excuse to have a good time with friends or family.


The Txokos

The places where these meetings, called Txokos, take place, were evolving and can now be found scattered around any corner of the Basque Country.

With exclusive access to members, these redoubts constitute a unique phenomenon, which has remained alive in the Basque Country since then and until today.

Without them, it would be quite complicated to understand the great popular attachment that exists towards traditional Basque cuisine.



Hotel Kiloterdi - Hotel Ellauri - Mirador


Kiloterdi Ellauri Restaurant


Discover the authentic flavors of our land

Based on this traditional Basque cuisine, in the hotel we have a restaurant open to the public, where you can enjoy an exquisite dinner at the foot of one of the most beautiful places in the Basque Country (Gorbeia Nature Reserve).

We have designed a custom menu, where traditional products such as meat, seafood and vegetables that we collect from our own garden … are the protagonists.


We only work with local producers

Always fresh and natural ingredients, that is our premise.

Therefore, we work only with local producers, who guarantee us the best quality raw material and with which we contribute to promoting local trade.

«The eggs, cheese or meat with which we prepare our dishes come from hamlets near our restaurant. Fruits and vegetables, from our own garden.»

Authentic flavor just 30 minutes away from the city.

All this enlivened with one of the best wines from a winery near the restaurant, txakolí.

Here you can see some of the opinions of our last guests.



Restaurante Kiloterdi Ellauri. Descubre la cocina tradicional vasca - Chuletón


Our star dish, the T-bone steak


One of the most demanded dishes by our guests and our main specialty at Kiloterdi Restaurant, is the beef T-bone steak.

A fresh meat with an exquisite flavor, which we slowly roast on embers of oak wood from our forests just and necessary time, so that it retains all its texture and flavor.

An essential dish for meat lovers.



Restaurante Kiloterdi Ellauri. Descubre la cocina tradicional vasca - Cocina elaboración propia


Homemade kitchen

All the dishes that can be found in our menu are prepared every day by us, the hotel hosts.

If you want to celebrate a special event, or surprise your partner with a romantic dinner in a cozy atmosphere while enjoying the best of traditional Basque cuisine, we wait for you at our restaurant.

Check here our full menu.


Schedule and reservations

If you want to book your table with us, you can do it by:

Remember that we only have dinner service.

If you need a special menu: vegan or vegetarian, for allergens… Inform us with time and we will prepare a menu that suits your needs.



Kiloterdi Restaurant is open from 20 to 21hs every day during the week (except wednesday).


Important note

We remind our distinguished clients that classification of the hotel and Kiloterdi restaurant is Adults Only.

Please take this premise into account when making the reservation.

Thank you very much and ¡Bon Appetit!





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